Meet the Founders


Ever since appearing on the clan scene in 2010, Hunter has had a vision to build the greatest community ever imagined.  While FAoS may not be perfect, it has the purest intention behind it.  Hunter’s intention.  One of Loyalty, Honesty, Integrity and Hard Work.  He is a leader that through example leads us all to success.  He is a leader that some of us can only hope to be, but somehow encourages us all to try our best, and to never settle for mediocre. 

FAoS Rynobi IV

Ryan Is the proud Vice President of this wonderful community many, including him, call home.  For Ryan, kindness isn’t just a word, It’s a feeling, an act.  Something he embodies to the fullest extent of his being.  While modest, he holds himself to the highest standard and expects nothing but the best for his members, his peers, or the work he does.  There are no shortcuts to success, and Ryan is no exception.



Elliott has been a member of our family since 2018 and has contributed massively to the current wave of inclusivity and understanding that has touched us all in it’s own unique way.  His warm presence and finely tuned moral compass is used as a sanctuary for those seeking guidance in the darkest of times.   A mentor, one who doesn’t chastise and beat down on the flaws of his brothers and sisters, but rather encourages creativity and inspires everybody to be their best selves not only through his actions, but his words as well.  The mark he has made on this community has more than earned him the position of chairman, but the mark he has made on those around him shines the brightest.

FAoS Echo IV


Randy has been a member of our family since 2014.  He took a hiatus for a period of self growth and improvement and as of September 2019 has been back ever since.  His loyalty and dedication to our movement has been unwavering from the beginning.  His presence is that of a gentle giant, forgiving, kind and protective of his family.  His role as chairman is not only deserved, but earned through his tireless efforts to make FAoS what it is today, moving forward and never looking back.